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Gnattali, Radames
(1906 - 1988)

A giant figure in the history of the guitar in South America, Radames Gnattali was a virtuoso pianist and one of Brazil's leading composers.  He also played the guitar well.

BP 307 Concerto Romantico (in four movements) for Piano solo with strings[Piano Part] $25.00
BP 307A Concerto Romantico (in four movements) (orchestra parts) $40.00
BP 307B Concerto Romantico (in four movements) (score) $65.00
BP 307C Concerto Ronantico (in four movements) reduction for 2nd piano for rehearsal (ensaio) $25.00
BP 305 Sinfonia Popular (for orchestra in four movements) [parts 287 pages] $285.00
BP 305A Sinfonia Popular  (for orchestra in four movements) [score 77 pages] $75.00
BP 312A Concerto for Violoncello & Orchestra in three movements (score) $65.00
BP 302 Divertimento for Marimba and string orchestra (score) $75.00